Federico Serna

Competing In:

Joust a' Plaisance, Melee a' Cheval, La Chasse


Wimberley, Texas, US


Fortuna favet fortibus- Fortune favors the strong.r

Federico Serna has been jousting at renaissance festivals since 1999 and has worked for several joust troupes across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


I was given Panzer in 2014 by Edwin and Chasity DeLaRosa. When I first got him he has practically green. It was a bit of a rodeo at first getting him dialed in, but he is a solid horse for riding, and has been in some trail rides, and a couple of gaming demos. He will be in the games this year, and hopefully I will have him ready for jousting this year as well.


Orion is a Belgian Stallion who began jousting in 2013 at Four Winds Renaissance Faire. I began riding him and jousting on Orion in 2014. I was very fortunate to have acquired him in 2017.He has proven to be a solid jousting mount.