Robert Odekirk

Competing In:

Joust a' Plaisance, Melee a' Cheval, La Chasse


Preston, WA, US


Gloriam praeterita (Honor the Past)

As a child, Robert was inspired by classics such as "Le Morte d'Arthur," "The White Company," and "Sir Nigel." For the past 10 years he has fullfilled his childhood aspirations jousting with historical reenactment groups and renaissance fairs. Robert hails from Seattle, WA where he rides with his wife and son on their three horses Jacques, Bourdain, and Gigi.


I was born in 2001 and went through some tough times before Robert bought me and taught me to do medieval gaming and jousting. I really love the speed of jousting and it is my favorite game. Fast, is what I do. It is what I love.