Elizabeth Baker

Competing In:

Melee a' Cheval, La Chasse


Del Valle, TX, US


Ná déan dearmad, ná brón (Never forget, never regret)

A long passion for medieval history and horses came to a perfect blend when Elizabeth found competitive Jousting. Growing up around working horses and horse rescues set a deep understanding of the bond betwee n horse and rider with the trust needed to perform in this sport. The last few years have been challenging but her motto holds fast as does her determination to return to the sport Elizabeth loves.


Epona was a rescue PMU mare that was considered unrideable until she found her forever with Elizabeth. Only 6 months after Elizabeth got ownership of Epona she developed a rare form of EPM, but she never gave up over the months of treatment. From the moment they met something was there and the bond has continued to grow through better or worse