David Kaemmerer

Competing In:

Joust a' Plaisance, Melee a' Cheval, La Chasse


WORDEN, United States, US


Run where the brave dare not go

David Kaemmerer has been fascinated with all things medieval since he was a small boy and began training to fight in armor at age 17. He now is a 30+ year veteran and teacher of various medieval martial arts. David believes he can always learn more and he will stop learning when he stops living. David began riding later in life, but soon after learning to ride combined his love of medieval history and equines. Soon after beginning to ride he became a fan of mules and in his opinion their superiority over other equines. David has written many mule articles and was even a staff writer for a mule magazine for many years. He and his mule named Buttons have been jousting and competing together for 10+ years. Together Buttons and David have won a number of jousting and games championships in a number of medieval organizations. When not racing across a tilt field Buttons and David can be found relaxing by trail riding in shady woods, on mountain trails and crossing deep rivers with family and friends.


Buttons is a 16 hands tall Thoroughbred and mammoth jack Mule cross She is 19 years old. Buttons came to David at 9 years old a smart and well behaved but previously abused and frightened of humans equine. Through a lot of patience, training and loving attention this mule has transformed over the last 10 years into a brave and trusted teammate and one of the top equines in medieval sports. David could not be prouder of this mule and long journey and strides this mule has made.