Steve Hemphill

Competing In:

Joust a' Plaisance, Melee a' Cheval, La Chasse


Leander, TX, US


"Unus sed Leo" (One, but a lion)

Steve fondly remembers the memories of his father teaching him how to respect, train and ride the family's horses. It wasn't until 2003, when he purchased his first horse that he discovered the desire to continue where his father left off. In the early 1980s he developed an interest in medieval and renaissance history when he attended college. In 2003, Steve decided to renew his interest in horses and chose to combine it with his love of medieval history. Since then, he has produced and competed in a number of medieval equestrian events around the world which showcased competitive jousting and other medieval equestrian sports. He is a member of the Board of Representatives (the governing body) of the International Jousting League and a level 3 Jouster with the International Jousting Association. He is the owner of a'Plaisance, Ltd. and the Executive Producer of the "Lysts on the Lake". When Steve is not involved with jousting he can be found enjoying Dressage, Eventing and Foxhunting with his faithful equine companions, Lucky and Tinkerbell.

  • "The Tournament of the Phoenix" 2009 (1st place in Skill at Arms)
  • "The Lysts at Castleton" 2010 (1st in Jousting and 1st place in Skill at Arms)
  • "The Tournament of the Phoenix" 2010 (1st in Skill at Arms and participated in jousting)
  • "Lysts on the Lake" 2011 (Executive Producer and 1st place in the joust).
  • "Lysts on the Lake" 2012 (Executive Producer and 3rd place in the "Texas division" joust)
  • The Tournament at Verneuil-sur-Avre 2012, France
  • The Tournament at Neauphle-le-Château 2012, France (Captain of the 1st place Team USA)
  • The European Jousting Championships 2012, Denmark (awarded "Most Chivalrous")
  • "Lysts on the Great Lakes" 2012, Michigan, USA (3rd place in the joust, 2nd place in Skill at Arms)
  • "The Grand Tournament of St. Charles" 2013 (1st place in the Melee, 2nd place in the Skill at Arms, 3rd place in the Joust
  • "The Lysts on the Lake" 2013
  • "The Lysts on the Lake" 2014
  • "Papegault in Bicolline" 2014 (3rd place "Sport" Division)
  • "The Lysts on the Lake" 2015
  • "The Grand Tournament for SIRE" 2015
  • "The Lysts on the Lake" 2016
  • "The Society for Creative Anachronism's 50th Anniversary Championship Joust" 2016
  • "The European Jousting Championships" 2016, Denmark (awarded "Most Chivalrous")
  • Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee Joust 2017, Royal Armouries England (Member of the Sword of Honour winning "Team England", 1st place melee)
  • Lysts on the Lake 2017, Austin, Texas USA (Executive Producer, 4th Place Skill at Arms, 7th place Joust)
  • "Grand Fete Medieval", Leve France (1st Place Skill at Arms, 2nd Place Joust, 2nd Place Overall Champion)
  • "Tournoi Chevalerie St. Croix Grand Tonne", Normandy France (1st Place Joust, 2nd place Grand Champion, 2nd place Skill at Arms)
  • Tinkerbell

    "Tinkerbell" is a 16 year old Friesian/Percheron cross and at 17.1 hands high, she has a heart to match. Steve wasn’t looking for another jousting horse when he came across her in 2011 at a medieval reenactment event. But, after seeing that his jousting saddle and trailer would fit her, he fell in love with her. Although she hadn't competed in jousting before, she took Steve to victory in her first jousting tournament, "Lysts on the Lake 2011", one month later. When she's not flying around the tilt yard, Tinkerbell has found a niche in dressage, eventing and foxhunting too--although she doesn't understand why you have to jump over an obstacle when it is quite easy to simply bulldoze through it. Quite surprisingly, a few years after she came into Steve's life, he discovered that she had been featured as a rescue in an episode of "Animal Cops: Houston", a show about the Houston, Texas SPCA on The Animal Planet Network. Since seeing that episode, Steve has an even deeper affection for Tink.


    "Lucky" is a 24 year old registered American Quarterhorse with an impressive cutting and reining pedigree. Lucky is 15.2 hands high and, although he's a retired jousting competitor, his strength lies in his nimbleness in the melee and medieval Skill at Arms. Lucky has put up with a lot from Steve but they've both learned and grown together over the years. When Lucky isn't jousting, he does his best at dressage and eventing but especially enjoys foxhunting